Gordon H. Brown

Gordon Brown founder & CEO was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He enlisted in the US Army on September 20, 1982, and completed Basic Training and Advance Individual Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and Fort Lee, Virginia respectively, retiring in 2010 at the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

Gordon Brown is a professional with a passion for music which allows him to enrich the lives of clients, colleagues, and co-workers. He plays, creates, and captures all aspects of the musical process. He developed his talents through years of experience in the recording industry.

As an innovator and entrepreneur in the music entertainment world, Gordon has assembled a list of music industry and corporate clients who have sought his talents to help build their business and enrich their lives with music, including: Chet Fortune, Double D Wranglers, Skins, Quincy Christian, Roy Davenport, R-Style, Vince Grey, Elijah Robbins aka “Disguise” and Deborah Liposa. Corporate clients include Country Wide Insurance, Omaha Police Department, DD Chuck Wagon, Super G Movement, and Precision Industries to name just a few.

His education includes graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice (2006) and a Master Degree in Security Management (MSSM) from Bellevue University, (2008). He’s completed his second Masters Degree from Ashford University in June 2010 in Organizational Management and Leadership.

Gordon has worked with various artists and he has pursued major record companies to sign artists he worked with closely. He realized he had all the tools and knowledge to start his own recording company although he knew he had to conquer a few minor challenges.

After attending a meeting in Houston with record company executives, it was clear that in order to have an impact in the music industry; he had to form his own independent label. So upon his return, he mastered that challenge. He started D.S.S. Recording Studio and Invasion Records. D.S.S. Recording Studio is a fully functioning entertainment company, including artist, songwriter, producer, engineers, and a music label.

D.S.S. Recording Studio is the premiere record label in Nebraska and around the Midwest specializing in many genres of music. As we continue to grow, the company will strive to be the preferred and most trusted recording company for products and services that will help advance music and shape the musical culture around the world for many years to come.