Deyron Bell

D.S.S. Recording Studios, LLC (D.S.S.R.S) proudly invites Mr. Deyron A. Bell, one of the newest members of its Management team. Mr. Bell comes to D.S.S.R.S. straight from Kingston Jamaica, the Caribbean’s renowned hub of Reggae music. The bright young man has been making major professional strides since coming into the music industry in 2009. As apart of the D.S.S.R.S. team, one of the most important roles Mr. Bell currently fills in, is that of Road Manager for our joint company INVASION RECORDS, LLC. When not focusing on music, Deyron’s passion lies on the soccer field. Having been an avid soccer player in Jamaica, he incorporates playing soccer with a well balanced exercise and diet routine daily… Mr. Bells passion for music is very sensitive. Looking for the best in others, Mr. Bell has dreams to fullfill, To leave the world a little better place knowing even one life has breathed easier because he has lived this life to have succeed in the things he loves.

Deyron also wants to know everything in the music industry but realizes that everything can never be known for sure. He understands that chance is prevalent in all aspects of life, but he never leaves anything important to chance. He’s very skeptical about some things, but realistic in the face of his skepticism. Mr. Bell believes that music is the ultimate solution to some of the problems of this world, ”If we believe in music, Then we will have peace and kindness in our hearts”. He’s incredibly passionate about his interests. Mr. Bell thinks everything through completely but he is never through thinking about anything. He is giving of his time, But not to the point of forgetting its value. Deyron also considers ambition to be of the utmost importance, But realizes that it’s useless without the support of hard work. Deyron has a million dreams, But he’s more than a dreamer. Mr. Bell is aware that dreams without action are just a figments of his imagination, Most importantly he believes in God and the power of prayers.