Alfonzo Lee Jones


Alfonzo Lee Jones has been involved in music since elementary school in Philadelphia, PA, when he was introduced to the violin and classical music, by a Mr. Stephen Willis.  In the fifth grade Alfonzo taught himself to play the piano and started performing for different school programs and received many different accreditations for his playing.         

After graduating, Alfonzo went on to start his own hip-hop group that performed with Philadelphia Hip-Hop Heavyweights at that time 3 Times Dope, Steady B, and Cool C.  He co-produced with DJ Tat Money (Half-fro productions) in Philadelphia.  After learning the basic techniques of hip-hop and R&B production he started producing for different local Philadelphia and New Jersey based groups.  One of the successes of Mr. Jones is, working with Fatin Dantzler, who now with his wife, has formed the group Kindred, The Family Soul and are Hidden Beach Recordings artists.

After relocating to Omaha, Nebraska, and becoming involved in the local music scene Mr. Jones established Icon One Music and 1NE Studio which in turn became an outlet for tutelage about different unique styles of hip-hop and how to attack the market them.  A major success from Icon is the development of singer-songwriter, producer Ester Dean (Rihanna –Rude Boy, Usher Hot Toddy) Icon One Music’s existence became widespread knowledge in the Omaha community and surrounding states because of the meticulous artist development standards that Alfonzo has maintained. In having such strict guidelines, Alfonzo has taken artists and their music into different directions that were previously uncharted.  One of Alfonzo’s talents is the ability to hear an entire composition in his head when someone sings their song to him and translate it into instrumental music, which has earned him the name D’Majishin (pronounced Da Magician).  Mr. Jones had produced for nearly every serious Hip-Hop and R&B artist in the Omaha music scene.  Mr. Jones has also helped many local producers sharpen their skills by showing them different aspects of writing, arranging, musical theory, sound engineering and sequencing techniques just to names a few.