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Digitec Soundz was founded on September 3, 1980 by Gordon Brown. He has performed at hundreds of wedding receptions, corporate parties, private parties, and special events. As a Disc Jockey, Producer, and Engineer, Gordon has provided a variety of styles of music for any diverse audience.  His focus is for his customers to have an enjoyable time during their special event.  He is committed to making their event one to remember.

After graduating high school in 1982, Gordon enlisted in the United States Army where he served 28 years and retired as a Command Sergeant Major. In 1983, he was sent to Germany for his first assignment. When he got there, he realized the base had no entertainment for the Soldiers. He offered his talents to club systems in Germany, playing and honing his DJ skills. It was thereafter that he had his own club, playing for faithful followers. In 1986, he was reassigned to Fort Irwin, California where he continued to DJ at the base club as well as guest DJ for many local clubs in the Barstow, Riverside, and Los Angeles areas.

In 1989, Gordon returned to Germany where he stayed until he completed his active duty military assignment in June of 1992. In July of 1992, he joined the U.S. Army Reserves. While he attended school and worked full time, he joined forces with Doug Fulkerson and created D.A.F. Recording Studio. The studio was well received and many local artists recorded music there. The artists include: Chet Fortune, Double D Wranglers, Skins, Quincy Christian, Roy Davenport, R-Style, Renault “Toot” Brown, Vince Grey, Elijah “Disguise” Robbins, Marcel “Cellblock” Rhoden, Deborah Liposa, Country Wide Insurance, Omaha Police Department, DD Chuck Wagon, Super G Movement, Precision Industries, and Synergy Productions. Digitec Soundz provided Live PA Sound for live artists’ performances.

At the height of the studio making an impact in the Omaha, Nebraska and in the music business he was activated for mobilization to deploy to Iraq in 2004-2005. Upon his return he was excited to pick up where he left off. In 2006, Tim Zick joined the D.A.F. team as a sound engineer. Gordon completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Bellevue University.  Just as business began to boom again, he was again activated for deployment to Iraq for a second time. Prior to leaving for Iraq in 2008, he completed his second degree, a Master of Science in Security Management from Bellevue University.

Gordon returned in the winter of 2009, and wanted to take the next step in expanding Digitec Soundz. He built D.S.S. Recording Studio, LLC, a state of the art ProTools professional recording studio. The studio is a fully functioning entertainment company, including artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, and a music label.  After working with numerous recording artists, Gordon tried to pursue major record companies to sign artists he worked with, but could not get them to do so. He realized he had all the tools and knowledge to start his own record label, but he had to conquer a few minor challenges. In 2010, he completed his third degree, a Master of Art in Organizational Leadership and Management.

After attending a meeting in Houston with record company executives, it was clear that in order to have an impact in the music industry; He had to own his own independent label. Upon his return, he created Invasion Records in 2011 and signed Elijah “Disguise” Robbins, Tynikka Nikol Smith, and Marcel “Cell Block” Rhoden. In February 2011 “Disguise” released his first solo album the “Take Over” which was available February 24, 2011. Tynikka Nikol Smith a gospel and R & B artist adds diversity, different demographics, and a younger audience that keep the label buzzing. Lastly, there is “Cell Block” a reality rapper that offers something new and refreshing well beyond his age. That same year, he also established the company’s websites www.dssrs.com and invasionrecords.net.

D.S.S. Recording Studio, LLC and Invasion Records, LLC is the premiere record label in Nebraska and around the Midwest specializing in many genres of music. As we continue to grow, the company will strive to be the preferred and most trusted recording company for products and services that will help advance music and shape the musical culture around the world for many years to come.